Pregnant Rapunzel Spa

A great day at the spa is a must, especially for a princess. Rapunzel is pregnant and she needs to relax before she gives birth to a great little girl. She is heading to the salon for a pampering experience and you can help her. Start the new game called Pregnant Rapunzel Spa and join the cute blonde princess. The pampering can start with a gorgeous facial beauty. Apply great masks and lotions on her face to make her skin smooth and cute. Rinse after each application to keep the skin clean. Another good idea is to add a great mask on her hair as well which will strengthen it and make it shine. In Pregnant Rapunzel Spa the session continues with a few flowers petals in the water and bubble foam and a few relaxing moments in the Jacuzzi. Make sure the pregnant girl feels great at the spa and she loves her experience. Have a great time playing Pregnant Rapunzel Spa!