Pou Real Haircuts


Pou is going out on a date today with a pretty fellow girl and he wants to make a good impression. A new haircut will turn him into a handsome lad for sure! He is a bit shy with the ladies and you can boost his self confidence doing wonders with your hairdresser skills. Pou fancies a hipster, ombre or colorful highlights hairstyle. Since you know all about the latest hair styling trends, he trusts you will find the perfect haircut for him. Feel free to try lots of real haircuts on Pou. Untangle his messy hair giving it a nice brush before using the hair salon scissors and styling tools. Go crazy dying his hair in colorful locks or choose just one hair color that suits perfectly his tanned brown skin complexion. Go for a straight men's hairdo or create hot curls instead. There are so many alternatives to consider. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new hairstyle game!