Pou Girl Great Manicure


Pou Girl did some gardening earlier today planting rose seeds and harvesting some fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from her veggies garden. She damaged her nails and hands as a result. She must visit the nail salon for a great manicure. Pou Girl needs a hand care treatment first. Treat her hand injuries and hydrate the dry skin. Heal the bruises, cuts and blisters using creams, lotions and bandages. Great job! Move on to the manicure part, cutting and filling the nails, then removing cuticles. Which are the latest trends in nail designs, ladies? Pou Girl fancies a colorful and trendy manicure. Grant her wish mixing dozens of nail polish colors and prints. Decorate her nails with pretty nail designs and select the best design for her to wear this week. Enjoy playing our hot new nails game for girls!