Peppa Pool

Peppa Pig loves playing pool. It is her newest hobby recently discovered while going out with friends at a bar. Her curiosity to try new things compelled her to go for it. Pool is a game of mind and body as you must use both to hit the balls with the stick. It is not enough just to hit the balls. The stick is an extension of the brain. With it you control the trajectory of each ball in such a way to hit the hole you desire. Peppa Pig is playing pool right now and she invites you to join her. As a matter of fact, Peppa Pig challenges you to a game of pool. There can be only one winner at the end. Is Peppa gonna win this time or are you better skilled at playing pool? Use the lives you have to get the highest score. The game finishes when you manage to get all balls in the holes. Enjoy playing our fun new management game!