Operetta Tattoo Shop

The world of Monster High has now the first tattoo shop owned by Monster High fashion diva Operetta. Monster High is famous for its Monster High school for ghouls all over the world, for its Scaris cafe recently opened and for its fashion shops where the Monster High characters go shopping. Now there is an Operetta tattoo shop in Monster High city! Operetta is an artist and she has a passion for fashion and tattoos, so she came with the idea of opening Operetta Tattoo Shop, where she can mix fashion with the art of tattoo making. Operetta's bffs are in her tattoo shop to have a tattoo done. Because Operetta is so busy attending the customers, she has put you in charge of doing the tattoo her bffs fancy. Choose one Monster High character and design the tattoo that fits the ghoul diva according to her preferences. Once you have drawn the tattoo, apply gel glue to your artwork, place it on the body part, outline the tattoo, clean and sterilize the tattoo area and start coloring the tattoo with the shown colors. Have fun playing Operetta Tattoo Shop make up game!