Ombre Style

Ombre style is the new trend in hairdos. It consists of wearing two shades of hair color. Dye your hair blonde at the top and pink, red or blue towards the ends. If you have brown hair, add a touch of purple or orange on the half bottom part. Get inspired from this cute Barbie girl's ombre style and look fashion fabulous this season. Match each of her ombre hairstyles with a beautiful make up and a gorgeous and super feminine outfit. Create trendy and glittery day and might makeup, combining her lipstick, eye shadow, blush and foundation. What kind of make up and hairstyle should she wear with that glittery pink or yellow dress? What eye shadow color suits her girly chic blue gown. When you are done with make up and hair styling, have a glance at her dazzling earrings, chains, bracelets and headbands. Use them to complete the stylish makeover. Enjoy playing our brand new make up game!