Olaf Cleans Arendelle


Arendelle is a complete mess after Elsa's coronation ceremony and party. The new Frozen queen and her coronation guests are now sleeping. Olaf is the only one awake in Arendelle. What can the cute snowman do until everybody wakes up? Cleaning up the castle sounds like a fab idea. This way he will surprise Elsa with a tidy and crystal clean Frozen kingdom on her first day as queen. Watch Olaf while he cleans Arendelle by himself. Better yet, give the snowman a helping hand as there is lots of ground to cover. Start with the interior yard of the castle where the coronation took place. Gather the trash picking food and drinks leftovers. Broom, mop, dust and arrange objects fallen on the ground. Fix the flags and banners. Clean up the court fountain as well. Accompany Olaf to the next cleaning area afterwards. Have a wonderful time playing Olaf Cleans Arendelle management game!