My Little Pony Shopping Spree

Hello ladies! Do you love Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle? These cute ponies want to invite you to spend time together in this new game called My Little Pony Shopping Spree! Together you will visit a few shops and buy clothes and accessories, for spring time. Are you ready to start? The first stop is the clothing store, where the most amazing outfit await for your favorite Rainbow Dash pony. Buy a few items, but remember that you have a limited amount of money, so save some for the other stores too. In My Little Pony Shopping Spree you can try the shoe store as well and even the amazing accessories one. Buy all the great items needed and then go home and try them out with the pony. A good idea is to create different outfits and to mix and match all the great purchases for a fun result. Go shopping with each pony and buy specific items for each one. Enjoy this new game called My Little Pony Shopping Spree!