Mushroom Queen

Hey girls! Meet Amy, a girl who is ready for a fun facial session. Usually she has many pimples and freckles on her skin and she wants a great treatment to remove this imperfection and get a flawless complexion. In the game called Mushroom Queen you can apply products such as a cream, mask, lotion and a scrub. All these products will clean and moisturize the face and make it soft and silky without any imperfections. In Mushroom Queen you will also need a great makeup applied such as lipstick, eye shadow and blush. She looks amazingly cute and for her outfit of the day you can choose from her wardrobe a wonderful and fun little dress with flower details and a great hairstyle with loose curls. Amy’s look is spot on and she will get many compliments for her fashion choices and perfect skin. Have a great time playing Mushroom Queen!