Muscular Rush
One way to keep fit is going to the gym. From fitness to weight lifting, aerobic, zumba, swimming, cycling or dance classes, there are lots of alternatives to choose from. Michelle is going to the gym regularly and it has become a lifestyle for her. She mixes cardio exercises with weight lifting. She has a personal trainer who watches all her moves. Today Michelle is doing her gym routine and a handsome guy nearby is flirting with her. Don't let her trainer catch her while she flirts back with the guy or he will get angry. Click on the girl continuously for a muscular rush work out effect. Help her put some fiber on her arms and make her gym trainer happy. The boy flirting with her is also happy when she looks at him and he tries to impress Michelle with his muscular body. Have fun flirting at the gym playing this brand new Muscular Rush management game, ladies!