Monsterfy Lady Gaga

The Monster High Ghouls are huge Lady Gaga fans, especially Frenkie Stein who's been dying to see her in concert. But guess what, Lady Gaga is a Monster High fan, so she is going to organize a special concert at the Monster High. Frenkie is the most excited, so she had the amazing idea to Monsterfy Lady Gaga for the show. This is going to be a concert of epic proportions, if Frankie can turn Lady Gaga in one of the Monster High characters. Help out the girls and be Frankie's assistant. Monsterfying Lady Gaga is not that easy as you may think, you need to change the color of her skin, her hairstyle with different color stripes in her hair and a new makeup. When all this is done, lady Gaga needs the most fabulous Ghoul outfit and you need to mix and match different clothes and accessories to create her amazing look.