Monster Nails Spa

This monster nails spa salon offers you the newest trends in manicure, pedicure and nail designs. Draculaura is one of the regular Monster High clients of the spa and today she is here to have her manicure done. Her nails are quite damaged and they need a care treatment. Moisten them in a bowl with water and flower petals. Apply a hand cream and massage it on the fingers. Cutting, filing and cuticles removing are next. Cut the broken tips and shape them up using the file. The Monster High cutie fancies a girly cute design. Decorating might take a while as you have dozens of nail polish colors and patterns to choose from. How about a French manicure or a super colorful design mixing and matching various prints? Give Draculaura a dazzling hot manicure playing our brand new nails game. Have a blast, girls!