Mommy Tanning Solarium

This pregnant future mommy wants to get a darker skin tone, so she is ready to go at the solarium. Help her out! First you will have to dress her up in a lovely bikini outfit. Remove all her jewelry, because metal items don't do well in the solarium. Put her hair in a ponytail so it doesn't get in the way. Shave her legs with an electric razor and apply an after shave to get them hydrated. Apply a cream with UV protection on her entire body to prevent the skin from getting burnt and finally give her a pair of protective glasses for her eyes. Choose the shade you want to give her and let her sit in the solarium. Apply an after sun lotion which is very nourishing for the skin and gives it a healthy glow and finally you can choose a cute temporary tattoo that will look great on the tanned skin. Have an amazing time!