Minions House Makeover

The cleaning services of the cute minions are needed once more. This time they have an entire house to clean up. Help the minions with their house makeover. One minion is in charge of fixing the furniture. Another minion must remove the paint on the walls. The minion housemaid dusts and vaccum cleans the carpets. Assist the adorable minions with their room cleaning tasks. Repair the armchair, bench, table and walls. Replace the paint stains with new wallpaper. Clean up the rooms dusting, brooming and mopping. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. Gather the sharp objects scattered on the floor and stash them in the vintage treasure chest. The lovely and hard working minions have done a great job cleaning and tidying the house. They cannot wait to thank you in person for your assistance too. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new management game!