Little Red Forest Adventures

Going to grandma's house is always a real adventure for Little Red Riding Hood. The forest with dark and confusing pathways make her lose her sense of orientation. Not to mention there is the big bad wolf hiding behind trees and looking for his chance at grabbing the little girl. The forest adventures must not find Red Riding Hood alone or she might get lost. It would be a pity if she did not reach the grandma's dwelling place with all those goodies in the basket. Accompany Little Red Riding Hood on her forest adventures and watch her back against the varied dangers lurking in the dark. She just dropped her basket, so help her collect all food and desserts, placing them back in the container and moving on. Dress up the girl in a pretty outfit for her visit to granny's house. Guide her on the right road to reach grandma's home keeping the bad wolf away. Enjoy playing our brand new management game!