Laundry Clean Kissing
Laundry clean places are very popular in the United States of America. Lots of people take their dirty laundry at the laundromat to have them washed and dried. It is quite an American landmark to have at least one laundry clean in each neighbourhood. Any American who does not have a washing machine at home, goes to the nearby laundry clean. Laundry clean is a good place to socialize as well as you can meet lots of people there. This girl and this boy just met at this laundry clean while their clothes are being washed. What can a pretty girl and a cute boy do while their clothes are being washed? Well, they can kiss to make time pass faster. Play Laundry Clean Kissing game and have fun making the girl and the boy kiss without being seen by the other people in the laundromat. The longer they are kissing without being noticed, the faster you can finish the first level and move on to a new and more challenging kissing level. Enjoy playing Laundry Clean Kissing game!