Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover

Anna’s boyfriend is usually very lovely. This Frozen prince loves a nice and elegant look, but he decided to go through a makeover. He wants to shave his beard and choose a new style of clothes and you are the one who can help him. In this fab game called Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover, you can use all your amazing skills to create the best look for Anna’s cute boyfriend. To shave his beard you will need to first wash it and then use an electrical razor to cut the biggest strands. Add a shaving foam on the rest of the beard and use a sharp razor blade to remove the beard. Clean the skin again and dry it. In Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover to prevent irritation of the skin, add an after shave lotion. Create a brand new outfit with neutral colors and basic fashion items in the game called Kristoff Icy Beard Makeover!