Kitty Rescue Vet
Lots of animals come daily to Barbie's vet cabinet. Some are brought by their caring owners, others are rescued from the street. Barbie has helped many homeless pets find an adoptive family. How does she do that? The pet rescue mission consists in finding homeless animals and giving them a grooming makeover. Such is the case of this cute kitty. Vet Barbie just spotted it at a fun fair. The kitty is messy and injured, but with the proper vet care, it can be saved. Give it a nice bath making the cat's fur soft and shiny. Remove splinters and treat the body injuries. Check for fleas and parasites, administering a disease free injection. Groom the kitty, then dress it up in adorable pet outfits. How about a gorgeous princess dress and bonnet? It looks much better now and Barbie will have no trouble finding the kitten a new home. Have a blast playing our newest pet game!