Kiss at the Beach
It is a lovely day for going to the beach today. This couple in love just arrived on the hot sand and they noticed there are lots of people around. There are families with children, single hot looking girls and good looking lifeguard men. The couple is not bothered by all this crowd and they cannot wait to exchange lots of hugs and kisses. The lifeguard guy on duty is watching them though and the couple could use someone to keep an eye on the dude. Can you help the couple kiss without being seen by the lifeguard or the nearby kids and their parents? They really want to enjoy their last kiss at the beach, as this is their last vacation day. College will start soon and they won't see each other that often, so they want to have an amazing day. So what if the lifeguard sees them kissing? They just want to have some fun. Have a great time playing this hot kissing game!