Jennifer Rose Babysitter in Love 3
Jennifer Rose is a babysitter in love and she thinks about her boyfriend even when she is at work, taking care of the cute babies. Play Jennifer Rose Babysitter in Love 3 management game and help Jennifer Rose take care of the cute babies brought at her baby daycare center. Can you take care of the babies when Jennifer Rose's boyfriend comes to visit her at work, while they flirt? Once a baby is brought in, babysitter Jennifer Rose must place the baby in a cradle, give the baby a toy to play with, change the baby's diapers and feed the baby with a heated bottle of milk. After the baby is well taken care of, Jennifer Rose can have some time for flirting with her boyfriend. Babysitter Jennifer Rose is in love with her boyfriend and you must help her take care of each baby well, so that you earn lots of cash money and you can buy upgrades for Jennifer Rose or for the child daycare center. Have fun playing Jennifer Rose Babysitter in Love 3 management game!