Independence Day Slacking 2015

Ashley and her family celebrate Independence Day every year. 2015 is a special year for Ashley and she wants to have the most fabulous Independence Day party in the neighbourhood. The party will take place in the backyard where Ashley and her friends will have plenty of space for slacking and playing around. The parents will be there to supervise the children, but Ashley is not bothered as her slacking skills are well known. Let the 2015 Independence Day Slacking fun time begin! Make the most delicious cheeseburger ever with the cute little girl. Enter the hot dogs eating contest and do your best to win it. Write messages with wishes to come true on the new declaration of independence. Face painting is also on the list. Paint the American flag on Ashley's face. Be a real American playing basketball and drum music. Finish the awesome day with a fireworks show. Have a blast playing our brand new management game! Happy Independence Day!