High School Prank

High school is not just about attending classes, doing lots of homework and studying for exams and test papers. It is a magical time when you feel the whole world is at your feet and falling in love makes you believe you can fly. Students look forward to their prom and graduation party, which can shape up their future. They flirt on the hallways, in the campus or during classes. They also do all kinds of other crazy things like for example playing pranks on fellow students. Being a hall monitor has lots of advantages for a high school girl like Denise. She is courted by many lads who try to get her attention in their own ways. One of them is the most popular dude and the captain of the football team. He is about to kiss Denise on the hallway, but there is another guy who tries to prevent them from kissing. He wants to pull a prank on the couple while they kiss. Keep the pranker away and don't let him disturb their long kiss. Have a fantastic time playing this brand new kissing game!