Hello Kitty Origami Class


Hello Kitty has a great new idea. She wants to try a nice new craft and she decided to learn how to make a great origami toy. Sounds like a fun idea right girls? In that case, don't waste any time and begin the super fun game called Hello Kitty Origami Class and learn with her! Yoou will need to choose the toy you want to create first. There are many options such as: boat, bird, heart and many other. Pick the great bird toy, because it's the most complex design out of all the others. In Hello Kitty Origami Class you need to cut the paper with scissors to the desired lenght and then fold it according to the instructions. make sure you fold it correctly, otherwise you will need to start again. When the design is finished you can color it with pencils and brushes to make it super nice. use green and red colors for a great effect. Enjoy Hello Kitty Origami Class game!