Gigi And Kendall Bffs

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are good friends in real life, but also in this fun little game! They are both supermodels, so you know they share a passion for fashion. They are also very busy girls and their schedule is always full. So today, help them get three different looks for three different events. First you will have to choose a star worthy make-up for each of them. Try to pick something that will go for Coachella, for dinner with friends, but also for a show afterparty. Luckily, they will have time to change between these locations, so you get to pick three different outfits for each girl. If you didn't do the math, we'll do it for you: six different looks that you will get to create! Isn't that amazing? Have an incredible time playing Gigi And Kendall Bffs!