Fur and Love

It seems Cupid has everything and everybody in his aim this year and this lovely cat and dog are no exception! Now this is funny indeed and Cupid is enjoying every moment of it so why wouldn't we? What you have to do is pretty simple: make the cat and dog kiss until the yellow bar of the kissing meter is full, but be careful for the granny that is walking from here to there every once in a while, because if you get caught you'll receive a penalty and you will have to start all over again. Just don't overdo it and everything will be ok! Help the cute dog and cat become boyfriend and girlfriend, forgetting all the animosities that have always existed between cats and dogs. The two of them are very much in love actually and it is time for the next step in their relationship, their first kiss which will officialise their relationship and them as a couple. Help Cupid in his mission, as he has to bring lots of couples together for Valentine's Day, and make this kiss the longest kiss ever seen or heard of, making sure nothing and nobody interrupts it. Start playing this kissing game now and have lots of fun!