Fruity Nail Designs
Adele is doing her manicure and she wants to try a fancy fruity nail design this time. She needs your help to get a professional nail salon look. Girls, it's manicure time, so let the party begin! Impress Adele with your manicurist skills, cutting and filing her nails. Fruity designs are the newest fashion trend and a must have this summer! Colorful strawberry, kiwi, cherry, orange, banana, lemon or watermelon are some of the patterns you can choose from. Decorate her girly long nails with lots of trendy nail polish colors and designs. Apply glittery glam gemstones and sparkling dust for a hotter and more eye catching look. Adele will look ravishing wearing your amazing fruity designs manicure. Why don't you try them as well and look fashion fabulous together. Have a great time playing our brand new nails game, ladies!