Frozen Elsa Face and Body Art

Frozen Elsa really enjoys face painting. There are four new face and body art designs she wants to try. Elsa cannot do them by herself, so how about you give her a helping hand? The Frozen princess will be thrilled to have you as her drawing companion. Check out the glam gorgeous peacock, pony, butterfly and leopard prints! Select one face painting at a time and follow the instructions. Join the dots to create the contour first. Apply the colors and glitter next, filling up all the empty spaces. Great job! Pick another face painting until you have finished all four of them. The fab news is that you can draw the fab art not only on Frozen Elsa's face but also on her body. Place the butterfly on her back or the peacock on her arm. How cool is that, girls? Have a wonderful time playing our awesome new coloring game!