Frankie Stein's Human Halloween

Can you guest what costume does Frankie Stein want for Halloween? Well, she has in mind something new and unique. She wants to be a human for this great holiday and she will need lots of help as you might imagine. Would you like to help her? I am sure the Monster High girl will appreciate the help a lot in the game called Frankie Stein's Human Halloween! Start the makeover with a great facial. You will need to use makeup remover to clean her eyes lids and her lips. Pick a pair of contact lenses for her eyes with a green color and remove the stitches from the body. In Frankie Stein's Human Halloween you can try a nice foundation with a nice pink flesh color and then choose the costume itself. Try a nice girly look with a loose curls hairdo and a gorgeous dress with ruffles. Enjoy the game called Frankie Stein's Human Halloween!