Frankie Stein Hand Doctor
You are the best doctor at Monster High and today Frankie Stein is your patient. She injured her hand while dancing her cheerleader choreography. Not only that, but she also destroyed her perfect manicure recently done at the most fashionable Monster High nail salon. As the most skilled doctor, you are her only hope. Fix Frankie Stein's hand, healing the ugly red blisters, bruises and cuts. Make it soft and girly again using the necessary magic lotions and creams. Frankie Stein needs her manicure redone as well. Her hand will look fabulous with long red nails or a trendy Monster High nail design. Check out the latest trends in nail polish colors and patterns and give the cute Monster High doll a sensational manicure worthy of a true fashion diva. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new nails game!