Foxy Nails Secrets
Carrie is at the beauty salon and she wants to get a hot and rebellious manicure today. She spotted some fantastic foxy nails designs and she cannot wait to try them on. Find out the secrets of having amazing foxy nails playing this brand new nail decorating game. This spa salon has the latest trendy secrets in facial beauty treatments, manicure, hair and make up. Carrie is a regular client and she is satisfied with the results each time she comes here. Today her manicure must be taken care of, so make Carrie happy and pleased with a fabulous foxy nails design. Before starting the manicure session, pick all the items you need. Next, use the trendy nail polish colors, patterns and gemstones available, mixing and matching them in lots of manicure alternatives. Add a fancy silver ring and bracelet for a hotter and sassier effect. Have fun playing this brand new nails game, ladies!