Father's Day Slacking

June is a great summer month and it brings happiness to lots of children and teens because the summer vacation starts in June. June also celebrate's Father's Day, a very important day for all fathers in the world. Have you prepare your present for Father's Day, children? Adele is looking forward to surprising her dad with her hand made present on Father's Day. Do you think Adele is going to finish her father's present in time or will she get caught in other Father's Day slacking activities? Adele is slacking her Father's Day present wrap up coloring a greeting card and cutting it out with scissors. Other Father's Day slacking activities that Adele does is filling up the vase with fresh smelling flowers and decorating a necklace with precious stones. Help Adele wrap up her Father's Day slacking present, but before that she has to finish making the present. Enjoy playing Father's Day Slacking management game! Check out the Best Girl Games and the most Popular Games online on egirlgames.net!