Fancy Nail Salon
Get your nails done at our fancy nail salon! It is the newest and most visited in the city. Relax with a fabulous manicure and hand massage which you can also try at home. Soak your fingers in a bowl with water and rose petals and wax the hair off. Use nail polish and cuticle remover, clipper and file to obtain a new manicure. Apply a hand cream and massage it well to penetrate the pores. Decorate your nails with the latest nail salon trends. Red is a must have this season, ladies! If you are fed up with this hot color, go for purple, blue or burgundy. Finish the fancy manicure with a cute hand tattoo and a dazzling diamond ring accessory. Show it off at school or work and receive lots of compliments. Invite your bffs over and do their manicure as well playing this brand new nails game. Play the best online girl games only on! Have a blast!