Elsa Wedding Kiss


Girls, do you know the latest news? Cute and amazing Elsa is getting married to the love of her life and it's a very exciting time. She wants to have a great time at her wedding and she has prepared a lovely reception and ceremony, fit for royals and cute princesses. All her friends will be there including her amazing sister Anna Frozen. Start the great game called Elsa Wedding Kiss and help the very lovely frozen girl kiss her husband without being spotted or caught by the other wedding guests. You will get a limited amount of time to help the Frozen couple kiss, so make the best of it. When you spot a guest or Anna looking at the couple, let them know immediately. In Elsa Wedding Kiss you will need to make sure no one sees them, otherwise they won't be able to share the love they have for each other. Enjoy the new and super fun game called Elsa Wedding Kiss!