Elsa's Secret Wardrobe


Are you curious to see Elsa's Secret Wardrobe? Nobody knows about it, not even her sister Anna. Frozen Elsa gathered the latest fashion trends in her secret wardrobe and you are the first one to have a glance at it. How awesome is that, girls? Turn the fairytale princess into a dazzling modern princess dressing her up in drop dead gorgeous dresses, shoes and accessories. Elsa's secret wardrobe is a bit untidy and messy. Can you help the Frozen princess find a few fashion items for the dress fitting? Where did she put the pearl necklace, mirror and brush? How about the dress, high heels and bag she plans on wearing on prom night? Find all items, then give Elsa a stunning modern princess makeover. Begin by doing her make up, then move on to hair styling and dress up. Colorful eyelashes are the new must have make up trend. Match them with glittery eye shadow, adding eyeliner, blush and lipstick. Accessorize the fabulous dresses with the right footwear, jewels, bags and hairstyles. Have a blast playing Elsa's Secret Wardrobe!