Elsa's Dirty Laundry


A pile of dirty clothes has gathered in the laundry basket. The next logical thing is to wash them. But wait! Frozen princess Elsa is not in the mood for doing her dirty laundry. Going ice skating with her friend Olaf on the frozen lake is much better. Who can blame her? Unfortunately doing the laundry cannot be postponed any longer as Elsa's Frozen princess attire worn while ice skating is super messy and the princess must wear it again soon. Do Elsa's dirty laundry separating the white and colored clothes. Use the washing machine properly to prevent any staining accidents. Help Elsa hang up the washed clothes on a robe to dry. Do some ironing and folding as well. Elsa's laundry is now clean and tidy in her amazing Frozen closet. How about a relaxing dress fitting after all that laundry work? Dress up Elsa in glam gorgeous Frozen princess dresses, shoes and jewels. Have a blast playing our brand new management game!