Elsa Mommy Room Deco


Girls, Elsa had a baby! This is the best news possible. She is truly excited about it and she can’t wait to decorate his nursery in the cutest colors and with the best items. Sounds like a great time, right? I am sure you would love to contribute so start the game called Elsa Mommy Room Deco! You will need to choose a nice wall paper with cute design. Choose a nice floor as well and the best crib for the baby. The crib should be comfortable and fun at the same time with cute covers and blankets. In Elsa Mommy Room Deco add a few paintings on the wall with animals and other baby stuff. Choose a nice curtain with cute pattern, perfect for a little boy. Elsa would love to add a nice chair and side table for the toys. Have a great time playing the game called Elsa Mommy Room Deco!