Elsa Mom to Be


Elsa wants to be a fashionable mom to be. Shopping for trendy maternity clothes is the first step. Make up and hair styling are also part of the makeover. As a pregnant mom to be, Frozen Elsa should wear a special kind of clothing items. Help her dress up with style in gorgeous maternity dresses, tops, trousers, jeans and overalls. Select the dresses that go for a party and those she should wear at home or on the street. Find the right bottoms for each pregnancy top. She must avoid wearing high heels. Flat shoes are the best footwear alternative. Search in Elsa's closet for accessories and try on her fabulous make up kit. What kind of make up and hairstyle goes with the sparkly elegant pink and blue gowns, ladies? Create the perfect makeup for that girly cute purple dress or a casual top and jeans attire. Have a wonderful time playing our newest make up game!