Elsa Massage 2

Elsa is at the Frozen spa salon with her sister Anna. The Frozen princesses are ready to pamper themselves with body massages and facial beauty treatments. Elsa fancies a relaxation body massage, while Anna wants a Frozen facial beauty treatment. Give princess Elsa the best spa salon massage ever helping her relax while you massage her back. Apply an aromatherapy oil first, spreading it all over her back. Using both hands and palms, massage the arms, shoulders, backbones and lower back. Continue with a thai technique and volcano stones. Combine hot and cold rocks, leave them for a few minutes to work their magic, then remove them gently. Hydrate the skin using massage creams and lotions. Frozen Elsa feels wonderful after such a fabulous spa salon session. She is very pleased with your massaging skills and she looks forward to the next appointment. Have a fantastic time playing our hot new spa game!