Elsa Leaving Jack


Hey girls! Cute Elsa Frozen is very confused. She doesn’t know what to do. Her relationship with her boyfriend, Jack Frost, is not doing well. She thinks Jack doesn’t love her enough and she would like to break up and get another chance at romance with another boy. Help her make the correct decision in the game called Elsa Leaving Jack Frost! You will need to find a few items around her room and pack them in a bag. Select the lipstick, her pink shoes, sun glasses and a comb. Next, choose to write a break up message as a letter or text message on the phone. In Elsa Leaving Jack Frost you can create a new social media account for Elsa Frozen and choose a new boyfriend for her. Before she dates another boy, help her make the decision. Should she break up with Jack or not? Have a great time playing the game called Elsa Leaving Jack Frost!