Elsa Laundry Day


Elsa loves chores and today she needs to do the laundry. She was in the middle of one of her fun painting sessions when her clumsy puppy pet spilled paint all over her clean outfit. Elsa needs to head to the laundry room to clean all her clothes and dry the. Help her in the game called Elsa Laundry Day and wash the white clothes separately from the colored ones to prevent any laundry coloring accident. Use the right laundry detergent for each type. Elsa prefers hanging out the washed clothes outside to dry to using the dryer. In Elsa Laundry Day hang the wet clothing items on the rope and fold them nicely when they are completely dried. Make sure you arrange all the clothes properly to dry in the sun for Elsa. Clean the colored and white clothes and the chore of the day is done. Enjoy the game called Elsa Laundry Day!