Elsa Great Manicure

Frozen princess Elsa was busy redecorating her gorgeous ice castle and while doing so, she injured her hands and nails. She has cuts and blisters all over, not to mention broken nails. She cannot show up at the palace looking like this. A great manicure makeover is what Elsa needs to restore the beauty of her nails. Treat her hands first before doing her manicure, healing the wounds and spots. Make her skin soft and flawless using your magic doctor skills. The Frozen princess needs her nails cut and filed. Remove the cuticles as well, then have fun applying nail polish. Create a sparkling manicure for Frozen Elsa, decorating her nails with stunning nail polish colors and prints. Add glittery gemstones, diamond rings and bracelets to complete the fabulous fairytale nail salon look. Have a great time playing our brand new nails game!