Elsa Fashion Store

Girls, cute Elsa Frozen, the queen of Arendelle, has opened a new and fun busniness and she loves it. Can you help her manage it and make a great profit? I am sure you can use all your skills for that, so don't waste any time and begin the game called Elsa Fashion Store and help the Frozen queen now! You will need to stock the shelves with beautiful and fun clothes, shoes and purses and other such fashion items for the best selling experience. The first customer is the mermaid princess Ariel and a good friend of Elsa. Sell to her a few cute items such as a pretty pink dress or a pair of shoes with a heart application. In Elsa Fashion Store you can also sell pretty accessories to all the cute Disney girls such as purses with bright colors and fun prints and incredible jewelry with fun little pearls. Have a  wonderful time playing Elsa Fashion Store!