Elsa Breaks Ups With Jack


Elsa, the Frozen princess, has discovered that her boyfriend Jack Frost is cheating with an other girl. You can imagine how upset she is! She wants revenge and she has many ideas in mind. Start the super fun game called Elsa Breaks Ups With Jack and pick his punishment! Elsa wants to make sure he knows what he did is wrong. Elsa Frozen would like to either cut his shirt, slap him hard or throw water in his face. Which idea do you like best? Spin the wheel and choose the best option. In Elsa Breaks Ups With Jack game you can continue by creating a nice outfit for the Frozen girl, which will make her ex-boyfriend very jealous. Choose a cute dress with an elegant line, a nice hairdo and the cutest jewelry pieces with gold metal. Have a great time playing the game called Elsa Breaks Ups With Jack!