Dora Nails Spa
Dora is having her first spa salon experience. She is here with her mom to have her manicure done for the new school term. She wants to pamper her hands with a fabulous nail salon makeover. Take care of your little client and make her happy with a stunning back to school manicure. Massage her hands with a hand cream and prepare the nails for cutting placing them in a bowl with water and flower petals. They will get softer and easier to cut. Give Dora a spa manicure using the scissors, file, cuticle remover and straightener lotion. Select a trendy nail shape for the pretty girl, then move on to the decorating part. Go for a one nail polish color or one print design. Experiment with a colorful manicure applying a different color or pattern on each nail. Create the most fashionable and girly design for Dora to wear. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new nails game for girls!