Doliville is a lovely little town where neighbours know each other and where life is nice and dandy. The inhabitants of Doliville have decided to renovate Doliville, making it more beautiful and colorful. The houses need upgrades consisting in changing the rooftops, the doors and windows, as well as painting the exterior walls. The fences need a new color. The street pavement must be changed and new flower must be planted in the front gardens. Doliville can do with a new store, a playing ground or a new clock tower. Use your DIY skills to help the citizens of Doliville modernize and upgrade their little town. Repair the rooftops and the doors of the houses. Make the houses and the fence surrounding them more lively by coloring then in trendy colors. Plant flowers and grass in the gardens and pave the streets. Build modern buildings and stores where the Doliville inhabitants can go shopping and playing. Enjoy playing Doliville decorating and coloring game!