DIY Tattoo Design

A DIY tattoo design is a fantastic and super cool idea, girls! Find the closest tattoo shop and get it done. Here are some awesome body art suggestions in trend this season. Choose a colorful butterfly, rose or heart design. Apply it on your back, arm or leg. A professional tattoo art must follow a few DIY design stages. The first stage is drawing a sketch on a special type of paper. Next the drawing is stuck to the body part, but not before the area is well cleaned and disinfected. The tattoo artist will draw the black outline which will later on be filled with colors. This last stage is the most demanding and time consuming. It is worth the while though as the result is a stunning tattoo design. Check out Baby Barbie Tattoo Designer and Baby Barbie DIY Ombre Nails for more spectacular tattoo and manicure ideas! Have a wondetful time playing our newest coloring game!