Cute Dora
Cute Dora is going for a picnic in the countryside with her family. They love spending time outdoors when the weather is sunny and warm, so they organize these kinds of escapades quite often. A barbecue in nature does not compare to anything and the fresh air cheers up the mood. Dora is a cute and energetic little girl and she will have plenty of space to play and run around. Dress up Dora in a comfy and appropriate attire for this family activity. Her cousins will be her play mates, but there will be lots of other children there. How about a pretty casual dress? Or should she wear a t-shirt, short pants and sneakers instead? A sport look is the best dress up choice for a picnic in the park or at the forest. What clothes would you put on if you were in her shoes, girls? Complete her countryside makeover with a cute hairdo, a little bit of make up on her eye lashes and chicks, and accessories. Have a wonderful time playing our brand new make up game for girls!