Cool Tattoo Artist
Wanna become a cool tattoo artist, ladies? Wanna learn how to get a girly hot body painting? Here we have some fabulous suggestions for you. Choose a cool design and the area you want it painted on, which can be your arm, back or leg. If you don't like how it looks at the end, you can always replace the design and choose a different body area. Draw the outline of your tattoo dragging the mouse over all the dots and apply adhesive. Place the image on the correct spot. Use a piece of cloth to moisten it before doing the outline. Clean and sterilize the area, then fill in the tattoo with the given colors. Use your drawing and coloring skills to create a perfectly looking piece of skin art. Which design is the coolest? Do you fancy the scorpion, the dolphin or the stars? Have fun playing this brand new Cool Tattoo Artist make up game!