Cooking Academy Macarons

A brand new cooking academy recently opened up in the city. Everybody is welcome to enroll in the fun and amazing cooking classes provided. The academy is proud to present its fantastic macarons recipe for the first cooking class. Have all ingredients ready at hand searching for them in the kitchen cabinets and on counter tops. Follow the instructions as directed by the fabulous master chef. Mix the ingredients with an electric blender to obtain the macarons batter. Pour it in a pipping bag and fill up the macarons tray with the yummy mixture. Bake the tray in the oven, then have a blast decorating the pieces with delicious fillings and toppings. This dessert is special and it requires your total commitment during the baking process to get the best results. There are so many flavors to choose from when it comes to decorating. Enjoy playing our hot new cooking game, ladies!