Coloring in the Snow
These children are having an amazing time playing in the crystal white snow. They live at the North Pole, close to Santa's home, and they are making the first snowman this year. There are only a few days left until the Christmas Eve and they spend their time doing fun things. We all know that when we have fun, time ticks away faster. Next to them there are people skiing and snowboarding. The kids plan on sleighing, playing with snowballs and coloring in the snow later on. Join them on this coloring adventure and make the white scenery more lively with a touch of color. Use the wide range of colors and hues available to bring to life the sky, trees, animals, houses, fences, clouds and snowmen. Dress up the children in colorful winter outfits and paint the dude's snowboard in a cool shade. Enjoy playing this new coloring game!